The Surprisingly Cool History of Ice

Ice is one of those things that you just assume has always been around, and it has. But one man is largely responsible for the modern habit of drinking chilled drinks with ice cubes in them: Frederic Tudor, “The Ice King.”

While living in a South Carolina boarding house in 1819, Tudor made a habit of bringing a cooler of chilled beverages to the dinner table. His fellow boarders always scoffed at the sight, but after a sip or two, they’d inevitably fall in love with his ice. Tudor traveled around the country and convinced barkeeps to offer chilled drinks at the same price as regular drinks—to see which would become more popular. He also taught restaurants how to make ice cream, and reached out to doctors and hospitals to convince them that ice was the perfect way to cool feverish patients. The truth is that people never knew they needed ice until Tudor made them try it. Once they did, they couldn’t live without it.

Source: The Surprisingly Cool History of Ice | Mental Floss

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