mesh 2008 and meshU: Schedules are live

An update for anyone who might be thinking about heading to mesh ’08 or meshU (the one-day workshop event just before mesh): to help you make up your mind and plan your day, we now have the schedules up for each event. There are still some panels that have to be firmed up with our speakers, but we will be filling those in soon. The sched for mesh ’08 is here, and the one for meshU is here.

On the first day of mesh, we have panels like the Future of Music panel with musician and social-media fan David Usher, as well as Jeff Remedios of the Arts & Crafts label and Graham Henderson of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, moderated by David Gratton of Project Opus. Then there’s the panel on the New Front Page, with Pema Hagen of GigPark, Daniel Burka of Digg and Candice Faktor of OurFaves (moderated by yours truly).

We’ve also got a panel on the idea of Private vs. Public with Nancy Baym from the University of Kansas and the Online Fandom blog, University of Toronto philosopher and author Mark Kingwell and Elizabeth Denham of the federal privacy commissioner’s office. That one is moderated by the lovely and talented Rachel Sklar, who writes the Eat The Press feature for Huffington Post. We also have a panel on Video and the Web with Dana Kaplan of Bliptv, Andre Gaulin of CTV and Guinevere Ortis of the CBC, moderated by video-blogger extraordinaire Amber MacArthur.

Michael Geist will also be doing a presentation about how to use Facebook and other Web tools to build grassroots campaigns. And of course we have two stellar keynotes by Ethan Kaplan of Warner Brothers Records and Matt Mason, author of the book The Pirate’s Dilemma.

On the second day at mesh, we have panels like the Measuring Social Media panel with Alan Chumley, Sylvain Perron and Katie Delahaye Paine (moderated by mesh founder and Tripharbor CEO Stuart MacDonald); a panel about Cultivating Community with George Tsiolis of Agoracom, Derek Szeto of Red Flag Deals and Christopher Jackson, moderated by Jen Evans; a look at Building a Brand Online with Rohit Bhargava, Maggie Fox of Social Media Group and Michael Garrity of CommunityLend (moderated by mesh founder Mark Evans); and a look at some Founder’s Stories with Julia Johnston of mEgo, Leah Culver of Pownce and Ryan Carson of Carsonified, moderated by Paul Kedrosky of Infectious Greed.

We also have a presentation by Mike Masnick of Techdirt about the “economics of abundance,” and two excellent keynotes from Garrett Camp of StumbleUpon and Lane Merrifield of Club Penguin.

meshU has some outstanding speakers as well, including John Resig of jQuery, Avi Bryant of Dabble DB, Kevin Hale of Wufoo, Reuven Cohen of Enomaly, Alistair Croll of BitCurrent and the excellent tag team of David Crow from Microsoft (and DemoCamp) and Leila Boujnane of Idee Inc. You can book your ticket for mesh here, and your meshU tickets here.

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