More bags of money for Zuckerberg

Owen van Natta, the head of business development for Facebook, was pretty cagey on the Microsoft conference call when he was asked about other potential investors in the current round of funding — so it’s not really a surprise to see that two hedge funds have reportedly also invested in the social network at the same head-spinning valuation of $15-billion.

And while this news comes to us from Fake Steve Jobs, we all know by now that FSJ is really Daniel Lyons of Forbes — and as Silicon Alley Insider points out, the same word has also come from FSJ’s real-world colleague Elizabeth Corcoran, who wrote about it on her blog. It still falls under the heading of “rumour,” but at least it’s not just Fake Steve trying to pull one over on us.

In any case, it’s completely believable that two hedge funds would put in $250-million each, despite the high valuation placed on Facebook. After all, the whole sub-prime thing is a goner now, and we know that hedge funds will invest in just about anything. When a Canadian bank invests in Facebook, then you’ll know the bubble is really starting to get over-inflated.

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