Google denies deals with news sites

According to Ars Technica, Google says there is no truth to the recent story in Scotland’s Sunday Herald about the search engine cutting deals with news sites
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Scotland’s Sunday Herald recently reported that Google has entered into secret deals with unnamed UK news organizations for the rights to use their material on Google News. According to the paper, “It now seems that Google has accepted it has lost the argument over carrying stories without paying for them.” That would be a shocking about-face—if it’s true.

A Google spokesperson tells Ars that the story is not true and that the company hasn’t yet been able to contact the reporter who wrote it. “We have not changed our approach to Google News,” said the spokesperson. “We believe Google News is legal. We index the content of thousands of news sources online. When users go to Google News, they see only headlines, snippets and image thumbnails from the relevant news articles. If people want to read the story, they must click through links in our results to the original web site.”
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