Blogs that make me think

I wanted to take a minute before I forget (again) and pay some respect to several bloggers who have tagged me as a “thinking blog,” which is indeed an honour. As far as I can tell, the Thinking Blog memetag got started with this blog, which is fittingly named The Thinking Blog. I got tagged first a couple of weeks ago by Jack Lail — thanks, Jack. Then just a couple of days ago I got tagged again by Jason at Webomatica and then by Steve at WinExtra.

Thanks a lot, guys. In order to push this thing forward, I’m not going to choose Jason or Steve — although I think that both of their blogs are excellent (I don’t know Jack’s as well yet) — and I’m not going to name some of the usual suspects, such as my friends Rob Hyndman or Mark Evans, or the more obvious suspects such as Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0, or my friend Paul Kedrosky, although it should go without saying that they are all excellent.

Instead, I’m going to name my friend Leigh Himel of Oponia Networks, who always has something interesting to say that makes me think, as well as Cory and Steve at Lost Remote — who cover new media like almost no one else (except maybe Rafat at PaidContent) — and my friend Dr. Tony Hung at Deep Jive Interests, who seems to find time to save lives as well as blog his heart out.

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