The master of linkbait has arrived

snipshot_e4jmfrbu726.jpgJason Calacanis’s latest post about linkbaiting is a masterpiece of the genre — in the sense that it isn’t actually linkbait but a semi-satirical take on the entire concept of linkbaiting. It’s meta-linkbait. In a way, it’s the kind of post that only a by-the-bootstraps Brooklyn-ite like Jason could write: he’s making fun of the idea of linkbaiting, while at the same time engaging in it in a completely shameless way. It’s like he’s telling you about how dodgy most New Yorkers can be, and at the same time he’s picking your pocket. You have to admire that kind of chutzpah. And no, Jason, I’m not going to mention your dog 🙂 In fact, I’m not even going to try to do a post that fulfills every criteria of the linkbaiting rules, because Chris Finke beat me to it.

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