Bring your laptop to the indoor playground

My friend and fellow mesh organizer Rob Hyndman told me recently about a great project that recently got under way in Toronto — courtesy of Mark Dowds and the team at Creation Step (who helped us out with the first mesh conference), along with some other like-minded individuals in the Toronto tech sphere, such as noted troublemaker and DemoCamp organizer David Crow.

The project is called Indoor Playground and it involves turning the 5th floor of an old brick loft building in downtown Toronto (Richmond and Peter) into a kind of work and meeting place for startups, people with ideas, people from out of town and so on, with some individual work areas and a couple of large common rooms and social spaces. Mark’s blog post introducing the project is here.

There’s a community forum set up at Ning, where people can sign up to contribute ideas and follow the development of the site, which is still being renovated (there’s a photo gallery at the forum page). Mark says he wants to officially launch the Indoor Playground in January. I think it’s a great idea.


David mentions another co-working venture that’s starting up in Toronto in February, called The Commons Cafe.

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