Rocketboom is back with a bang

Like my fellow Rocketboom soap-opera fan Mark Evans, I too am glad to see the video-blog-cast back after the turmoil of the past couple of weeks surrounding the departure of host Amanda Congdon. It’s too bad that Andrew Baron and the Rocketboom team couldn’t make their self-imposed deadline of Monday, but I guess that’s showbiz.

I thought Andrew and new host Joanne Colan did a nice job of handling the changeover, making light of the storm in the blogosphere by having Joanne show up in a catcher’s mask and have tomatoes thrown at her. And I thought she did a great show, with some light-hearted street interview and even some Spanish thrown in just for fun. I will lapse into sexism just for a moment to say that Joanne is easy on the eyes, as they say, and as Mark points out the British accent doesn’t hurt either. All in all, a nice comeback after all that has happened.

And in case all the back-and-forth of the past couple of weeks isn’t enough for you, Jeff Jarvis has given his blog over to a guest post from a music exec with some advice for the Rocketboom gang. And a CNet interview with Amanda shows that there is still a ton of bad blood between the two sides — with Amanda continuing to say she was pushed out, and that Andrew wanted to strip her of any duties apart from hosting. In other words, sounds like there’s still plenty of work left for the lawyers.

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