Andy Kessler on disruption

Mike Urlocker, who used to be a technology analyst and is now a consultant specializing in disruption and its effects on various industries, has a couple of interesting Q & A sessions up on his blog at (he did one with me awhile back on the future of newspapers, but these are far more interesting). In the first one, longtime analyst and author and now venture capitalist Andy Kessler has a discussion about how technology is disrupting — or could disrupt — the medical field. Fascinating stuff.

“Doctors are human and don’t scale. Get them out of the equation and you have a business that can get smaller, cheaper, faster, just like everything else silicon valley touches. Consumers can do their own tests, and then only see specialists when they need them. (No pun on the NYSE, but same concept!)”

And the second Q & A is with Pip Coburn, also a former technology analyst and now venture capitalist, who writes a widely-followed bi-weekly newsletter called Waypoints. He has just written a book on disruption called The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off And Others Crash And Burn and he spoke with Mike about a variety of things, including what he is following now that he finds particularly interesting.

“Watching — the video in which scientists dropped mentos into diet coke. Hard for folks who haven’t seen it yet but this is compelling content by almost anyone’s standard…. So-called user generated content is tremendously under appreciated by the investment world but videos like this have created “ah-hah” moments.”

Some great stuff there, Mike.

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