Rocketboom looking for another rocket

Courtesy of my close friend Dave Winer comes news that Amanda Congdon has left Rocketboom, the massively popular video blog/online TV show that she co-founded with Andrew Baron — who was on a very well-received panel about the future of broadcasting at our mesh conference in May.

According to the video clip she has posted at her site, she was effectively fired by Andrew, who owns 51 per cent of the company. I’ve got an email in to Andrew to try and find out what happened, but it would appear that Rocketboom has lost its rocket (or its boom). What that means for the future of the popular show — and for Amanda, who has gained a wide following in the blogosphere — remains to be seen.

Maybe Andrew might be interested in hiring our very own Web-tech video jockey, Amber MacArthur of G4TechTV’s Call For Help.

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