Catching up with the “three things” meme

Rob Hyndman recently tagged me with the “three things” meme — which is not to be confused with the “four things” meme that got Mark Cuban so worked up a little while ago (clearly the new medication is not working, Mark — I would go back to the old stuff).

The three things are supposed to be things that you would like to see occur in your lifetime, and Rob mentioned stuff like organized religion supporting contraception, while Sutha (who tagged Rob) mentioned real democracy and education for all. But being a contrary bugger by nature, my instinct is to avoid the easy stuff like ending hunger or allowing women to be ordained in the Catholic Church — both of which I would really like to see, by the way.

So here are my three wished-for things:

1) A real director’s cut version of Blade Runner (see the info under “director’s cut” at Wikipedia for more on this saga)

2) The return of the comic “Calvin and Hobbes”

3) The end of the designated-hitter rule in baseball

And now I am tagging Stuart, and Mark and Kent.

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