Get your 15 minutes of mesh fame

Another quick post related to mesh, only because we’ve added something I think is cool to the lineup of speakers, panels and workshops — we’re calling it “15 minutes of fame,” and it’s a chance for anyone with a great Web 2.0 idea to get up on stage in front of all the mesh participants and talk for five minutes about their idea or their project, in front of all the VCs and marketers and journalists and other interested folks who are going to be at the conference.

There are going to be three of these spots during each day of the conference — hence the “15 minutes of fame” tag. And we (that is Mark Evans, Mike McDerment, Stuart MacDonald, Rob Hyndman and I) saw it as a chance for us to help shine a spotlight on some of the hard-working Web 2.0 startup types out there.

As Stuart describes on the mesh blog, we’re even going to spring for a full-day pass for anyone who gets selected to take part. And how do you get to be among the chosen? Just tell us in 250 words or so about you and your idea, and why you should get the chance to speak at mesh.

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