One word for Web 2.0 in Toronto: mesh

mesh logo Some of you out there in blog-land may know that I’ve been helping to organize a Web 2.0 conference here in Toronto over the past few months – along with my technology reporter/blogger colleague Mark Evans from the National Post, lawyer/blogger Rob Hyndman, entrepreneur/blogger Mike McDerment and founder (and now blogger) Stuart MacDonald – and I’m pleased to say that we are locked and loaded, and our website is now live.

It’s being held on Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th of May in Toronto, at the MaRS Collaboration Centre, just south of the Ontario legislature buildings at Queen’s Park and it is called mesh. So get over there and sign up – and tell all your friends about it, too. Book early and book often! Subscribe to the RSS feed for updates, and tag anything you think participants (not attendees) or panelists and moderators might be interested in with the tag “mesh06links” at Got any ideas for workshops or questions that need answering? Let me know here, or post a comment at the blog at

As you can see if you visit the site, we’ve got some incredible speakers and panelists lined up, including Om Malik of, Paul Kedrosky of Infectious Greed, Steve Rubel of MicroPersuasion, Tara “Miss Rogue” Hunt of Riya, law professor and columnist Michael Geist, podcaster extraordinaire Amber MacArthur, political blogger Andrew Coyne, entrepreneur Jason Fried of, veteran blogger and commentator Stowe Boyd and many others. A full list and schedule of events over the two days will be coming soon, so watch the site (and the associated blog) for details.

Why did we call it mesh? Because “A Web 2.0 Conference In Toronto” was too long to fit on a T-shirt (not to mention boring). Plus, mesh says it all when it comes to what the interactive Web is about – and what we are hoping to do with this conference, which is to get some of the best minds on the planet together to talk about what’s going on out there, and what’s coming next. So let’s connect, share and inspire – let’s mesh.

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