New podcast: Two boobs and a baby

I’m not that into podcasts (yet), and my kids aren’t newborns any more, but if I was and they were, I might be interested in something called Two Boobs and a Baby, which a Toronto guy named Dave Delaney set up with his wife Heather prior to the arrival of their son Sam in October (it’ll be interesting to see how my search traffic spikes as a result of that phrase). As Dave puts it on the website: “This is our first attempt at being parents [and] it is also our first attempt at a podcast — what could go wrong?”

A little over three months after starting their podcast, Dave said in a email that Two Boobs and a Baby has had over 4,000 downloads of one of the couple’s four episodes. They describe the show as “a free, PG-rated program about becoming new parents. It’s a comedy, but we hope to share our stories with other new parents who may be seeking advice, or who wish to share their stories.” The website also has a forum for parents and would-be parents to post messages or ask for advice.

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