Let the Web 2.0 pile-on begin

Whether it’s fear of a new bubble or just a desire to be contrary, the backlash against Web 2.0 continues to grow — or at least, a backlash against the hordes of companies that have emerged offering a variety of Web-based services using Ajax and other interactive technologies, and against some of the acquisitions and valuations that have been tossed around in the wake of deals for companies such as Jason Calcanis’s Weblogs Inc. The latter got a lot of people doing some back of the envelope calculations , to see how much their blogs or sites might be worth. Meanwhile, others such as Nicholas Carr at Rough Type have been protesting some of the assumptions that seem to underly the Web 2.0 movement, including the worship of sites such as Wikipedia.org. One of the latest to add his reasonably well-argued criticisms to the fray is tech blogger Russell Beattie, who dismisses most of the existing Web 2.0 companies as scrapers, mashers or lame copycats of Flickr.

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