Well, we’ve got the barn…

Just a quick note to update anyone who was interested in my previous post about a Web 2.0 conference in Toronto that Mark Evans, Rob Hyndman, Mike McDerment, Stuart MacDonald and I are organizing.

We have a venue nailed down – the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto – and we have our dates, so you can book your calendars (how long until we can do that in our Google calendar?).

Just put a check mark next to May 8th and 9th and write in the description field “Attending a kick-ass Web 2.0 conference in Toronto with some of the top bloggers in North America as keynote speakers, and a host of interactive panel discussions and workshops on the key issues surrounding blogs and Web 2.0.” (Okay, that probably won’t fit unless you write really small).

We expect to have a website up within the next couple of weeks so everyone can register and get more info. Any thoughts? Drop me or one of the other organizers a line.

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