Techmeme eats Technorati’s lunch

Mike Arrington has the scoop on the latest move by Gabe “Techmeme” Rivera: a Top 100 blogs list, which will be made up of the blogs whose posts most often appear on the blog aggregation engine — a site that I (and many other bloggers I know) check at least once a day, if not once an hour or so). As Mike points out, this is a pretty big kick in the goolies for Technorati, which has been losing its grip on the blog-search and blog-ranking business for the past little while, and now doesn’t even have a CEO any more.

Marshall Kirkpatrick over at Read/Write Web disagrees that Techmeme’s launch of the Top 100 means trouble for Technorati, however — he says that there’s “plenty of room for other standards of measurement.” And as a number of people have pointed out — including Jason from Webomatica in a comment you can find below (try my new Ajaxy comment feature) — Technorati tracks all blogs, while Techmeme is, well… just tech. Fair enough.

I’d also like to point out that my somewhat rah-rah approach to Techmeme’s new feature has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that yours truly is number 37 on said list, according to this post by Dave Winer.