Introducing Quinn Leanne Hemrica

On Sunday, June 26th at about 4 in the morning, I became a grandfather. It seems strange to type those words, in part because it makes me feel really old šŸ™‚ but it’s true. And as soon as I saw little Quinn Leanne Hemrica, I fell in love! I know every parent and grandparent says this, but she was and is perfect — even when she is crying. Caitlin had a pretty rough labour, but she toughed her way through it, and I thought she looked fantastic even after all that.

Luckily, the COVID protocols had recently been relaxed at St. Joe’s Hospital in Hamilton, so Becky and I were able to sneak into Caitlin’s room within hours of Quinn’s birth, and spent some time with the new parents and their bundle of joy. Holding her was so amazing — in part because it took me back to when Becky and I held Caitlin after her birth about 30-odd years ago.

Such a perfect little face she has — and she is long, apparently, so maybe she will be tall? Long fingers and big feet too. And a cute little button nose.

A big smile. I realize at this age, it’s probably gas, but what the hell šŸ™‚

Little side-eye from Quinn here.

Out cold.

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