Apple iPod Touch large: I want one

Amid all the rumours that Steve Jobs is getting sicker comes what I think is a much more interesting rumour: that Apple will launch a larger-format iPod Touch. Not that I don’t care about Steve-O and his health, of course — I do. But when it comes to Apple products, I’m really interested in the idea of a kind of wireless mini-tablet with the multi-touch interface (something Chris Messina and others have mused about in the past).

Having had a chance to play around with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, I found them almost irresistible as a quick Web-browsing device while sitting on the couch watching TV or even sitting with friends chatting. To have something a little larger — making images, video and Web pages that much easier to see — but with that touch interface and all of the iPhone apps, would be a pretty killer device I think. And as some have noted in comments on the TechCrunch post, it could be pretty stiff competition for the Amazon Kindle e-reader as well.

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