ImprovEverywhere comes to Toronto

It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy spontaneous activity with a bunch of strangers, Improv Everywhere is apparently bringing their “MP3 Experiment” to Toronto on September 28. The group, which organizes improvisational events primarily in New York — including the recent Grand Central Station freeze experiment (in which dozens of people froze in place for five minutes) and the Best Buy campaign (in which dozens of people showed up at a Best Buy store all dressed exactly like Best Buy employees) — started the MP3 Experiment in 2004.

People were asked to download an mp3 file and then bring it on a player with some headphones to a pre-arranged meeting place, where they listened to a voice and carried out various activities, including dancing, singing, blowing up balloons and so on. So far, there have been four MP3 Experiments in a variety of places (there’s some video on YouTube of the last few). The news that Toronto was getting one came by way of a group called Newmindspace, which holds similar events in Toronto and New York, such as the Bubble Battle and the Great New York Pillow Fight.

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