Digg: portable data is good, so is OpenID

Adam Ostrow has the news that Digg has joined the Data Portability group — the same one that Facebook and Google joined not that long ago — and will also adopt OpenID. Steve Williams at Digg has more on the news, saying the site wants to help users do whatever they want with their data, and is always looking for ways to help Digg interact with other sites better:

Want to sync your Digg friends network with another service? We want to help you do that. Want to use your Digg activity to get recommendations from another web site? We’re working on that, too.

This may not be a huge development, but it’s nice to see some of the big social networks lining up behind both of these initiatives. And Digg is definitely one of the big boys now — according to John Graham-Cumming, who apparently did some sleuthing, the social network is closing in on 3 million registered users.

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