Nalts calls for Hartwell video mob

You might be thinking that the Lane Hartwell incident — the Soap Opera 2.0 of a week or two ago — had pretty well blown over by now. The photographer, whose photo was used in the video by a capella group Richter Scales, is reportedly still pursuing financial compensation from the band, but apart from that most bloggers seem to have moved on. Not the popular video blogger known as Nalts, though.

He’s posted a video calling for others to create YouTube accounts and mashups using more of Lane’s photos, and several people have done so. That’s fair comment, obviously — although whether it’s fair use is debatable, since the videos aren’t specifically a parody, and they don’t really comment on a larger issue in any direct or obvious way (although they are clearly meant as a commentary on fair use).

Still, I wish Nalts and some of the commenters weren’t so quick with the insults and the personal attacks. It’s one thing to disagree on an issue, but when you make it personal it’s easy to lose sight of the real point.

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