Google Reader search — it’s about time

Finally. Google has decided to add search functions to my favourite RSS reader, Google Reader. Until now, the inability to search through my 400 or so feeds was a gaping hole in the usability of Google’s RSS reader — but not enough of a hole to get me to switch.

It made me wonder when Google added features such as the ability to see your RSS reading trends (whose feeds you read most, share most, star most, etc.) but didn’t add a search function. Didn’t Google use to be a search company? But I still liked Google Reader enough that I have kept using it, even though I used to be a die-hard fan.

As Ionut Alex. Chitu mentions, there are some quibbles with the search function in Reader, but it is still definitely a must-have. And before you mention it, yes I have tried, and used to use it regularly but moved on — I like the redesign, but I think it’s too little too late.

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