Video: the bizarre stylings of Tay Zonday

Who is Tay Zonday? Who the heck knows. But in my eternal quest to bring you the Internet’s finest moments (among other things) I feel compelled to share with you this video of him singing his smash Web hit, Chocolate Rain, which as far as I can tell appears to be a cryptic song about racism set to an incredibly irritating and yet somehow catchy keyboard loop.

As with many things, from Lolcatz to the “All your base are belong to us” meme, the Chocolate Rain thing has been fueled by sites like, which exist purely to irritate the rest of the Internet in as many ways as possible. As for Tay, he’s got a weird kind of infantile geek thing going, like a cross between Michael Jackson and Urkel. And he makes weird faces. But for some reason, it has caught on — over 2 million people have watched the video.



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