Not really a blogging birthday, but…

snipshot_e41c2p5kvbdh.jpgAs Duncan Riley points out, the Wall Street Journal’s article celebrating the 10th birthday of blogging is a little late, considering Justin Hall — who I and others believe was the first real blogger — and even Dave Winer were doing it as far back as 1994 (although that was before Jorn Barger coined the term weblog). In any case, it’s nice to see the WSJ taking note of blogging as a real phenomenon, rather than just doing another drive-by criticism of it. They even feature my pal Scott Karp from Publishing 2.0, who does a video essay on blogging and journalism. And as Jason at Webomatica points out, it’s interesting to see that Mia Farrow has taken up blogging (and is a Boing Boing fan), or that Tom Wolfe sees blogging as important enough to dump all over in his classic style. Meanwhile, Mark Evans has his 11 lessons he’s learned from blogging, his answer to Marc Andreessen’s recent list.


Aidan Henry and Tris Hussey have responded to Mark’s (and Marc’s) post with their own list of lessons. I’m still working on mine 🙂

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