Prom Queen no wallflower

Michael Eisner’s Web production shows that the ex-Disney CEO is down with what the kids are into. Like, totally.
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According to Vuguru, the Eisner-backed Web production firm that is churning out eighty 90-second episodes of Prom Queen in as many days, the short-form series is averaging roughly 200,000 views a day, and has accumulated more than 5.2 million views since its April 2 debut. While relevant benchmarks are hard to come buy in this uncharted space, the show’s daily audience is equivalent to a low-rated cable series
However, a number that is sure to be encouraging to Vuguru (and the producers of the movie Hairspray, a Prom Queen sponsor) is the 18,000-plus friends that Prom Queen has garnered. MySpace, one of several outlets where fans can stream the show, accounts for nearly 3.7 million of the views generated to date, making the site far and away the leading distributor (MySpace gets each episode 12 hours before other sites do
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