Tony Hung fills in at Problogger

Just came across Tony Hung’s post about filling in for Darren “Problogger” Rowse for a week while Darren takes a holiday, and I wanted to send him a shout-out (as my homies in the ‘hood like to say) and wish him all the best. He’s already off to a good start with a well thought-out piece on the kinds of things it takes to maintain and grow a good blog.

To be honest, I think the “10 best” blog post model gets overdone at times, but Tony has some good advice from his own perspective, and it’s definitely worthwhile reading. Tony has come a long way over the past six months or so with his own blog (in addition to now helping run things over at The Blog Herald), and has done it with smart writing, strong opinions and a lot of hard work.

In other words, he is a great guy to be handing out advice about how to develop and grow a successful blog. All the best, Tony.

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