Mesh mini-podcasts are here

Anyone who attended the ridiculously successful mesh meetup on November 15th (blog post is here) at the Irish Embassy in Toronto may have seen a woman with a small microphone interviewing various luminaries and other assorted folk. As some of you may know by now, that was podcaster extraordinaire Leesa Barnes, and the fruits of her labours are now available for all to enjoy.

That includes interviews with Dr. Tony Hung of Deep Jive Interests, blogger Juan Gonzalez of, Norman Young of The Talking Company (which is in stealth mode), new blogger Rob Schaumer and Bernie Aho of — and those are just the beginning. There are more to come. Thanks again to Leesa for all her hard work, and also for the compliments she bestowed on all of us in a recent post she wrote about mesh.

Podcasts were produced by Leesa’s company Caprica Interactive Marketing, with music from the Podsafe Music Network by Uncle Seth.

Here are the podcasts:

1. Juan Gonzalez

Juan talks to Leesa about:

  • Ways in which your online conversations can help you meet people in different countries
  • Why Juan left Mexico to settle in Canada (and it wasn’t because of money)
  • How to talk with your hands using your blog

2. Norman Young of The Talking Company

Norman talks to Leesa about:

  • An idea Norman has for Mesh ’07
  • How to handle the misconceptions that mainstream audiences have over the word podcast (or should it be netcast?)
  • Why the interactive space will never take the place of the physical space (the Mesh meetup is a perfect example)

3. new blogger Rob Schaumer

Rob talks to Leesa about:

  • His big challenge is and whether or not he can do it
  • What he hopes to learn when he attends Mesh ’07
  • His 3 tips for staying young
  • Advice on what to do if you’re interviewing someone really boring

4. Dr. Tony Hung of Deep Jive Interests

Tony talks to Leesa about:

  • Whether Mathew Ingram looks better in person than he does online
  • What Web 2.0 means
  • Why he is excited about Mesh ’07

5. Bernie Aho of Conceptshare

Bernie talks to Leesa about:

  • Why decided not to set up shop in Silicon Valley and chose Toronto instead
  • How is building buzz without spending enormous sums on advertising
  • How their biggest frustration sharing visual concepts over email turned into a business idea
  • Web 2.0? It’s now time for Web 3.0
  • Why Bernie would be part of the Mesh organizing team
  • Which is colder – Sudbury or Toronto? Bernie settles the debate once and for all

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