Who else Google needs to buy

Man, if I read one more analysis of the Google-YouTube deal — and that includes my own — my head is going to explode. My favourite take so far comes from Howard Lindzon, who starts out all sane and then starts to go off the rails in this post. Not only does he think Google should buy Zillow, but also Apple, Research In Motion, eBay, Amazon and Adobe. Then he completely loses it:

To ensure the deals go through – BUY TASER and arm the employees and LOCKHEED MARTIN to protect the Googleplex or Googleville. What the hell – after taking a few weeks off, BUY PHILLIP MORRIS and shut it the fuck down so that people live long enough to enjoy all the toys! BUT – make sure you push through legalized marijuana. Let’s face it. How much more fun would surfing the web and YouTube be. Shit, you may not even have to buy Akamai, because the web will seem fast enough. PS – I would than buy Chipotle’s because you need to feed everybody !

howard lindzon

There’s more, and it’s just as good (Howard also gets the “most egregious use of capitals” award for this week). Are you listening, Larry and Sergey?


For even more analysis combined with laughter, check out the video discussion between Prince “Chartreuse” Campbell and video-blogger Loren Feldman of 1938 Media. Loren is also responsible for the hilarious Jason Calacanis takedown video rant posted here.

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