Hey Larry and Sergey — it’s me, Canada

Dear Larry and Sergey:

Dudes — long time no talk. Man, you guys must be busy as heck, what with all the billions piling up like that, and the new airplane and whatnot. You know, I kind of picture you guys as being like Scrooge McDuck, climbing around in a giant swimming pool full of coins and bills. Anyhoo, I just wanted to ask you whether you remember that big country just to the north of you — the one with the snow and the Mounties and the maple syrup. You know, Canada?

Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s pretty big. Okay, it doesn’t have a lot of people, but we’re right up there in the “best places to live” rankings and that kind of stuff. Part of NATO. The United Nations. You name it. So here’s what I’m wondering: How come Canadian companies can’t be ranked as “Qualified Companies” in the Google Advertising Professionals program? That’s what it says at Jennifer Slegg’s blog, and over at the Searchenginewatch forums.

According to Jennifer, your company can be a QC if you’re based in Somalia, Bosnia and Azerbaijan, but not if you’re based in good old Canada. So what do you guys have against the Great White North? We gave you Pamela Anderson and Mike Myers and Celine Dion for chrissake (okay, sorry about that last one). Even Paul Kedrosky, one of your finest venture capitalists, is secretly a Canadian. I will personally auotograph my copy of Bob and Doug Mackenzie’s 12 Days of Christmas in your honour if you do something about this situation immediately.

Your pal,


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