Web 2.0 skepticism is good

I don’t want Nick “The Prophet of Doom” Carr to feel bad, but another blogger has usurped his place as my favourite Web 2.0 skeptic: he writes the Dead 2.0 blog, a refreshingly critical and quite often witty look at the bubblicious goings-on at TechCrunch and elsewhere. An anonymous blogger known only as The Skeptic, he runs buzzwords like RSS past his mom to see whether she can make heads or tails of them, and he takes a hard look at new Web 2.0-ish services such as Kaneva and the new VOIP service Hullo.

In one of his latest posts, The Skeptic looks at the recent trend of venture capitalists investing in blog networks such as Om Malik’s at gigaom. He even does some original reporting, by emailing Om and Paul Kedrosky (also a skeptic on this particular issue), and my blogger/tech writer colleague Mark Evans from the National Post. Strangely, he didn’t reach out to yours truly for my thoughts on the issue; it’s possible he was intimidated by the overpowering intellect displayed in this blog, and felt shy about approaching me 🙂

All jokes aside, The Skeptic’s feed should be part of your daily blogosphere intake, regardless of your thoughts about the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

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