Items that might become blog posts

Here’s another roundup of stuff that I haven’t had time to write about. Someday I hope to (find time, that is):

  • Vonage has finally completed its IPO — one that was reportedly put off several times as the company searched for a buyer — and has raised $500-million, despite the fact that it is hemorrhaging money and facing increased competitive pressures from cable VOIP.
  • notes the launch of something called in the UK — a website for unsigned musicians that includes blogs, events listings, photos and video downloads, and also allows artists to sell their songs and get 70 per cent of any sales.
  • Anne Zelenka of Anne 2.0 has a great post about how content has filed for divorce from advertising, and cites two other smart people on the subject, namely Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 and Stowe Boyd of /Message.
  • Jeff “resident philistine” Jarvis takes a few jabs at Nick “resident curmudgeon” Carr, over the idea that books might not be the ne plus ultra of intellectual life.
  • PlagiarismToday looks at whether quoting large sections of other blogs — even if you source them properly — is (or should be) considered plagiarism.

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