Some mesh pics — Kedrosky, et al

It seems like ages ago now that Mark and Stuart and Rob and Mike and I were all standing around nervously waiting for mesh to begin, but it was only a week ago. I have to say that even though I am a bigshot columnist at a big-city newspaper, I was a little starstruck at the calibre of Web 2.0 talent in the room at MaRS, including Om Malik, Matt Mullenweg from, Andrew Baron from Rocketboom, Jason Fried from, Paul Kedrosky, Steve Rubel, Tara Hunt and Chris Messina.

In case you haven’t seen any of the posts by Tris Hussey of Qumana or my new pal Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0, it was by all accounts a smashing success. And much of the success was due to all the meshing that happened between participants and panelists and speakers in the atrium and at the cocktail party afterward — and also at The Drake, where many fascinating conversations were had, including Andrew Coyne talking with Tom Williams of about a market-based approach to charitable donations.

If you missed the photos that are up at (tag “mesh06”), I’ve got some here — which I put together using Bubbleshare, fittingly enough, since Albert Lai of was at mesh on a panel with Malgosia Green of and Mike McDerment of Included in this series are some of us nerve-wracked organizers, one of Amber MacArthur and Joey “Accordion Guy” DeVilla, and some of Om and Paul and Matt and Jason yakking — including the now infamous shot of Eliott Noss of getting introduced to Matt Mullenweg of WordPress (Tucows has a competing blog platform called Blogware).

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