Mark McKay wins C-61 video contest

Congrats to my pal Mark McKay, video-blogger extraordinaire, for being one of the three videos selected in Michael Geist’s recent contest to explain the dangers of the Conservative government’s proposed copyright legislation, Bill C-61, in 61 seconds (although it died when the Harper government called an election, depending on the outcome of that election the law could be revived). Mark — who bears a startling resemblance to Rick Moranis’s character from the movie Ghostbusters — has put together an introduction to the law with his usual skill, a talent he also employed for us at mesh 2008 in May, where he both shot and edited a lot of the video along with my friend Greg Philpott and his team at The C-61 contest was judged by (among others) Stephen Page of the Barenaked Ladies.

watch the video…


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