Twitter and Pownce need to merge

I think some of the new features of Pownce are great, like the ability to import contacts, but I have to say that I still feel like it and Twitter are two halves of one great app. At one point, I was ready to write Pownce off completely — not so much because Twitter is so much better, but just because so many people I know are using it, and hardly anyone I know uses Pownce that much. But I’ve been reconsidering.

People I know that use Pownce use it mostly to do things that Twitter isn’t very good for — like sending files, for example. I have friends who send out mp3 files when they come across something good, and that has value for me. So does sending out events, although my friends do less of that. But for straightforward messaging, like ParisLemon, I use Twitter and so do most of my close friends and contacts.

In a lot of ways, I’d like them both to be put together. Why not an app that has a really good mobile client, that lets you chat quickly but also lets you send files? We used to have something like that: it was called MSN Messenger. I suppose we could use that — but that would be like driving your dad’s Oldsmobile instead of a nice, shiny hybrid 🙂


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