FreshBooks and the tale of the Triscuits

My friend Mike McDerment, who co-founded and runs the online-invoicing service FreshBooks (and is also a co-founder of the mesh conference), is getting some well-deserved props for a simple gesture of kindness that he and the company extended to a customer in Fiji. It seems that this particular user read on the FreshBooks’ blog about some new crackers being available in Canada and posted a comment saying he couldn’t get them in Fiji. Two days later, he had a box sitting on his table, shipped to him by FreshBooks at the company’s expense. This kind of thing is not just nice — it’s great marketing. It’s the kind of thing people talk about, and blog about. It makes people feel good about your company. And it costs less than virtually every other kind of marketing there is. I’m surprised more people don’t make use of it. Nice going, Mike.


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