Design update: Choose your own theme

After some criticism of my current blog theme — which is called Lorem Ipsum and is from the talented folks at Let’s Mint — I did a quick poll (which you can see in this post) to see what people thought of the design. About 60 per cent of those who answered said they preferred the previous theme, which is called Cutline and is from Chris Pearson, and most of the rest said they either liked this one or didn’t care one way or the other.

In fact, I had a substantial number of people tell me either in the comments or by e-mail that they never see the design anyway, because they read the blog via RSS (I would likely say the same of other people’s blogs, which I only go to when I want to save a particular post via

In any case, I was somewhat torn. I really like this design, which I think is kind of newspapery looking, but a sizable majority of voters didn’t like it. So I decided to have my cake and eat it too — I put a WordPress plugin called “Theme Switcher” in the sidebar, with this theme, the Cutline theme I used to use, the Rin Tin Tin theme I used before that, plus a few others thrown in there just for fun.

Now everyone can use the theme they like. Once you choose a theme it sets a cookie, so that’s the design you will see whenever you come back to visit. Assuming you ever do that 🙂


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