Museum uses Flickr and YouTube

New York’s Museum of Modern art obviously likes to live up to its name, and what could be more modern than YouTube? According to a piece in the Wall Street Journal (reg. required) this weekend, the museum is using YouTube visitors to help curate an upcoming video collection. According to the story:

MoMA solicited videos to be included in a retrospective of the Residents, an avant-garde multimedia group, that will open next week. The museum has posted the clips of 11 finalists on YouTube and invited the public to weigh in. The votes and comments those works receive on the site will help determine which are screened at the museum.


And MoMA isn’t the only one doing this kind of thing, apparently. The article says that London’s Saatchi Gallery is sponsoring what it calls “the first reader-curated contemporary art show” later this month, in which online voters picked the participants, and the Pace/MacGill Gallery in NYC put on a summer show called “Self-Portraitr,” that included nearly 130,000 photos submitted by Flickr users.


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