mesh: get it while it’s hot

After much tweaking and twisting, shaping and brain-storming, the schedule for our conference in Toronto in May is finally out of beta and available at Like my fellow organizers Rob and Mark and Stuart and Mike, I am incredibly charged up about the speakers we have been able to attract to talk about blogs and Web 2.0 and all the implications of “citizen media” or the “social Web” or whatever you want to call it. Are bloggers journalists? Is podcasting the future of broadcast? Can wikis help level the political playing field? Those are some of the questions we’ll be chewing on.

In addition to the speakers that have been on the site since we went live with it – such as Om Malik, Steve Rubel, Tara Hunt, Dr. Paul Kedrosky, Stowe Boyd, Amber MacArthur, Dr. Michael Geist and Jason Fried – we have Rick Segal, Albert Lai of, Jeremy Wright of b5media, Debbie Weil, and Ed “Captain’s Quarters” Morrisey on the political side, sparring with Andrew Coyne, Paul Wells and Warren Kinsella.

Check out the full schedule at – we hope it will be two of the most interesting and hopefully insightful days of Web 2.0 discussion to come along in awhile.

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